The Jago Bhart Group is India’s most respected and media conglomerate that has created an enviable legacy of trust, admiration since the orgaction inception over four decades ago. The launch of the India Jago Bahrt News in 2015 set the beginning of the orgaction journey into a multipal Site

The group, through its years of consistent focus on journalistic and editorial excellence, has become the epitome for the Gold Standard of Journalism and has today become a barometer for trust, integrity and excellence in Print and Digital.

Sujeet Kumar Maurya co-founded India TV with his wife Ritu Dhawan in April, 2015 from a Noida, then considered one of Asia’s largest news Portel.

In a short period, Jago bhart News has created benchmarks in innovation, impact, ratings, time spends, and viewer-support. Indeed, Jago Bahrt News newsbreaks have inspired talk shows on rival channels, Bollywood films, BBC documentaries and articles in Time Magazine.

Incisive and creative, the News Portel Jago Bhart News target the global Indian with news that is credible, true and fast. jago Bhart News is the English and hindi News Portel from India which is beamed in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and most of the SAARC Countries to reach out to the Indian Diaspora.

Contact Person for Legal Matters
Ms. Sujeet Kumar maurya
Jago Bhart News Aditya World City Nodia
Tel: 7053788097